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Issues and Fixes
  1. We need a conservative Supreme Court.
  2. A Stable Alaska economy, with less Government Regulations.
  3. Renegotiate contracts, with Large and Small Oil Companies that will assure fair net profits for both sides.
  4. Institute a sustainable budget for State budget with a cap put in place to control spending each year.
  5. Build our State infrastructure up to help Alaska sustain itself and create jobs for Alaskans.
  • Build refineries in Alaska from our Alaskan Oil so Alaskans can get fresh stove oil and gas to supply their needs locally and with fair prices at the pump.
  • For capital projects we as a state need to build a cement factory as well as other structures to keep Alaskans working and bring a bigger bang for our dollars from capital projects.
  • Jump start the Logging industry by trading off lands to private enterprises from the State of Alaska Mental Health lands so to create jobs and build an industry for Alaskans.

6. Encourage new oil exploration both onshore and offshore and on federal and state lands. Oil production from new and existing leases on state lands will bring the state the most revenue.

7. Increasing the amount of oil revenue we will save and generate additional earnings in the future that can be used to fund state services. The more we put away now, the more we will have in the future to address a fiscal gap.

Example question asked of me as Governor, what should I do if confronted with these questions: 

1) If a bill was sent to you is "popular" among the major parties, but does not benefit the people of Alaska, will you veto it?

If my constitutes of Alaska can't benefit over a bill and it costs the State wasted money, then yes, I would veto it because it doesn't benefit the people, nor our administration to move forward on some self interest bill and not pertain to WE THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA.

2) If there is a budget shortfall, how would propose to balance it - through cutting programs, reductions in the state work force, adjusting corporate and personal taxes or work on a plan to bring business and incentives for crating small business that hires local people?

We would look at the budget as a whole. Let's say the fiscal gap was set for 4.3 billion for FY 2018 and we needed to close the gap in a certain amount of years. At the present time, we rely on oil to create earnings for revenue and a diversified revenue of stocks and bonds.
First, I would put into place a sustainable budget that would be projected years in advance by oil out of the ground to sustain a budget. We would create a four or five year plan that would reduce the budget by cutting waste in Government and drawing money from the earnings reserve account each year to close our fiscal gap until it becomes sustainable.

Let's say we use a four year plan to close a gap of 4.3 billion dollars. Our earnings reserve account for the state of Alaska has approximately 8.3 billion to date and projected to receive 1.4 billion next year in oil earnings, not including the PFD dividend.
1) First our administration would look at further cuts in waste in our government. Such as non-essential funding programs that is wasting money, but at the same time we would sustain a strong workforce in our State Government as to not spin our economy into a deeper recession.
2) Second, we would propose a spending cap on the budget each year with a sustainable budget plan projected years in advance.
3) We know now that the State of Alaska is in a recession and to tax corporate businesses even more may stifle our economy down the road by extreme taxation measures that may drive business away from Alaska. But at the same time we could see that each taxing proposal will have to be scrutinized by individual applications involved. How do we expect our economy to grow if we continue to tax ever Tom, Dick or Harry, if we don't control our own spending in Government. I am not in favor of raiding the PFD dividend program because it fuels a deeper recession by taking away from businesses throughout Alaska by lost business income from Alaskans spending their dividends in our State. Not only that, but some use their dividends for groceries, stove oil, children's education for college, etc. Our economy lost 665 million dollars last year by Governor Walker's veto of the PFD and our economy took a huge hit because of it.
4) I would draw private enterprise into capital projects as a partnership to save on closing the fiscal gap each year. For example, the State spends a lot of money subcontracting capital project supplies to build infrastructure in our state, like importing cement, steel, technical labor, etc. My plan would be to create a workforce for Alaskans by keeping jobs in the State by involving private enterprise to invest with the State to construct a cement factory, steel factory and the sort as to build our economy for all Alaskans to enjoy. We would need to train Alaskans technical skills to do the tough jobs by on the job training and the sort. So now our citizens will be skilled with future jobs as skilled laborers, operators and truck drivers to name a few that will be passed down from generation to generation.

In closing, Alaska economy can be structured in such a way that can benefit all Alaskans if we as a Government would make smart choices and control our spending habits. We need not to overload our citizens with taxation around every corner, but find ways to help build our economy and put Alaskans to work. It's not my will be done, but the will of the people of Alaska by their majority as to strengthen Alaska as a whole for all. :-)

Alaskans PFD

Our 2016 PFD has been vetoed by Governor Walker in 2016 and now a restructuring attempt is still in the process today with an extended session put in place by Governor Walker's request. HB26 has a combination of several sections added to it such as restructuring the PFD and a State income tax to name a few. We the people of Alaska must continue to fight for our State rights as a whole, that such actions as these shall not be passed in the House or Senate without our input and the will of the people.


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