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2020 Election Year For State of Alaska

As I see it for 2020

  • Binding Caucus Rule has to go because it takes away the right for "We The People." If you bind the Senate, for example, to a signed contract to vote with other Senators when it's against the People's wishes, its like treason, and more dictatorship! I will have nothing to do with the binding caucus!
  • Permanent Fund Dividend will always be paid in full to the shareholders of the fund as directed by the Statued law! I have always believed in the 1982 formula with a five-year average after you inflation-proof the Reserve account and dividends paid in full!
  • Balance the budget is essential to the  State Government, and Governor Dunleavy has proposed a flat budget. Mr. Dunleavy tried to cut substantially in his first year of office as Governor but failed to convince the other branches of government to make the tough decisions. With a flat budget, the ball is in the court of the legislators to balance the budget for the next fiscal year, so the pressure is on them because now its an election year.

I will post more as time allows, but we need to take care of pressing issues that concern the well being of Alaska, the Last Frontier.  

2018 Issues for the State of Alaska

1). Protect the PFD from Raiders of the fund. 

2). Build a sustainable budget that will downsize government and put our constituents first and foremost to a transparent Government.  

Committee to Elect Michael Sheldon, a political candidate for Alaska State Senate in 2020 election.
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