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We must Vote in the Primary Election, to set the stage for the General Election.

Primary: Aug 18, 2020

General: Nov. 3, 2020


Michael Sheldon for Alaska State Senate from Southeast, District R in 2020.

Alaska State Senate District R consists of several communities. I will be responsible for my constitutes from Metlakatla, Ketchikan, Craig, Klawock, (POW), Wrangell, Petersburg, Kake, Angoon, Sitka, Hoonah, etc.

When the citizens of Alaska decide to early vote and eventually cast their vote in the primary election on August 18, 2020, please be sure to fill in the oval for Michael Sheldon for Alaska State Senate. We will stand together as a powerful influence for our district and the citizens of Alaska as a State Senator. Also, we will stand to protect the Permanent Fund Dividend for generations to come. I will always make a stand for the sovereignty or Alaska and its People in who I highly respect as a long-term resident of Alaska the Last Frontier.

Brief History,

Greetings, my name is Michael Sheldon.

It gives me great honor to introduce myself to my future constituents of Southeast Alaska. Just a brief history of who you're contemplating in electing in 2020 for State Senate.

I was born in Petersburg Alaska in 1956 which makes me 63. I've been a Republican for 45 years and believe that we should be fair to all Alaskans as equal under God's eyes and our Constitution. My Father and Mother were born in Alaska as well as my Grandma and her parents. Instead of telling you my whole story here just travel over to my About Me and hear the rest of the Story on a separate page.

You may be wondering why I am running for State Senate? It's not rocket science to figure out if the incumbent has held this State Senate seat for 17 years,  don't you think its time for a change? This person I am referring to is Burt Stedman from Sitka, Alaska. Burt is a fellow Republican, he represents our district R in Southeast Alaska, which encompasses many Southeast Island Communities such as Metlakatla, Ketchikan, Craig, Kasaan, Klawock,  Wrangell, Petersburg, Kake Angoon, Sitka, Hoonah, etc.

My goal was plain and simple we need to protect the Permanent Fund Dividend from being exhausted from its Reserve Account funds by one strong PFD protector of the people's Dividend. Senator Stedman has been supporting to cap your PFD in years past through the Walker administration of 2016 and continues to do so today.  

My pledge to all Alaskans will be to protect your PFD for generations to come when I become your State Senator of Alaska in 2020.

Also, we must as a State, stop this continued overspending of funds that has not been earned by revenue but must come to a conclusion to cap the budget. Our State books must show designation of funds and there use and do our best to eliminate the general fund. That way our State Government can keep an eye on keeping a balanced budget year after year and decades to come without the confusion of where our money is going.

I asked humbly that you use your Cellphone and landline as tools to talk to your family members and share this good news that Michael Sheldon is running for State Senate from Southeast, Alaska in 2020. We finally have some good Candidates coming out of there closets who are willing to Stand for WE THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA. I can tell now that special Interest groups and lobbyists will not have a final say in any committee meetings and on the floor of the Senate. It's really time that we have individuals stand for truth, let it be known that you're Yes be Yes and you're No to be No. 

My Policies to Alaskans.

1). Continue to build a strong subsistence fishery.

2). Protect the Sports Fisheries of Alaskans.

3). Make sure our commercial fishing fleet harvest products to help grow our economy by supplying fish to Alaska's citizens, and also domestic and world markets.

4). I am an old school Republican that is pro-life and stands to protect the body of an innocent baby in the womb of a woman carrying the child from conception.

5). Alaska must continue to withstand the temptation to introduce or increase growth-killing taxes that impede private investment and limit job creation. The state must find effective ways to generate revenue and cut spending without threatening future economic growth or crippling residents of the Last Frontier.

6) As a newly elected State Senator, I will support a fully funded Permanent Fund Dividend for generations to come. We need to preserve the PFD from the Raiders of the people's Share. I will work hard in the State Senate to return what was taken by Governor Walker's Veto in 2016 and Legislative steps to cap the dividend from 2017 to date. I will, by all means, defend the interest of We The People". After all, I am a PFD Protector for the People and by the People of the Last Frontier.

7). We need to revive logging in Southeast Alaska to help pay for our schools and roads with the use of stump-age receipts paid out each year to help facilitate expenditures and less dependence on State to appropriate funds.

8). Strengthen the Alaska Marine Highway System to run efficiently for the transportation of our citizens with lower rates to its customers and complete runs that link together without overnight delays.

9). Help in negotiating to build access roads into Southeast Alaska to lower rates on shipping for food and fuel cost.

10). Also, I will promote and convince the Senate to Resend SB21 back to the original SB21. We need to bring back ACES, so we can create fair taxation to oil companies and downsize State Government as to streamline an efficient sustainable budget with government controls put in place.

11). Absolute Protector of the Second Amendment: The Right To Bear Arms.

12). The old crime bill of SB 91 so many were concerned about in allowing criminals out of jail free card has been revoked. In 2019, Governor Dunleavy was successful in achieving the passage of HB 49. My plan as a State Senator would be to continue to support crime regulations in the State of Alaska and protect its residents by corrective measures of justice. HB 49 will provide stiffer penalties to protect our residents of Alaska.

In Conclusion: I believe we must stop the binding caucus rule that you must vote on the budget by majority rule. Many believe that if the budget does not look good for "We The People of Alaska" then a no vote must be applied until corrected. A member should never be penalized for his vote and I find it unconstitutional to force one's hand by manipulation.  

My vote on the floor and or committee meetings will always be For the People and by the People of Alaska. I believe legislators push the green "Ya" button way too much and have caused this state so much hardship by there swayed decision coming from special interest groups.

As a State Senator, I Michael Sheldon will not be swayed by any lobbyist or special interest group but only by "We The People of Alaska."

Thanks for your time and possible support, Michael D. Sheldon for State Senate in 2020.

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