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Vote in the August 21, Primary Election for Michael D. Sheldon for Governor and Stephen Wright for Lt. Governor. We Will Protect Your Rights.

As a conservative Republican of 43 years, I am excited to announce, that I have filed a letter of Intent with the Division of Elections as a  Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor of Alaska in 2018.

Michael D. Sheldon Republican State District Speech

Sheldon and Wright make campaign stop in Ketchikan.

KFSK Radio interview with Michael D. Sheldon
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The Men in Red will be walking with you today, tomorrow and for the next four years when we become Governor and Lt. of Alaska. When we give our State of the State address to Alaska after the general election your rights will be fully represented by Sheldon/Wright for Alaska.

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I would like to announce as one running in the Gubernatorial election as  Governor of Alaska, that Elect Lt. Governor Stephen Wright has joined our team from Wasilla, to run against Lt. Governor Mallot in 2018.

  As Governor of Alaska, our Campaign Promises will establish strength, for economic growth and stability, for families around the State of Alaska.


This list is not in chronological order, and all potential campaign promises will be subject to possible scrutiny by factors of previous laws and legislative action, under our new administration.
1). Fully Restored PFD, as established in 1981. We intend to give back the money capped by the legislature and Governor in the past few years of the Walker administration. We plan to restore the formula for the permanent fund dividend distribution by using funds with a five-year average formula for consistency and stability as set in State law, as before calculated. It's our Alaskan right and tradition “shall be restored.” To further protect your PFD, our government will move to work on a constitutional amendment that protects any restructuring of the fund by the legislators from the House, Senate and Governor by placing protections on the fund. So let it be known, that any such actions of restructuring the PFD fund should be decided by the people as to vote on the issue by the PFD shareholders of Alaska.

2). Abolish Abortion in Alaska, as an elected Governor of Alaska in 2018 we will issue an executive order on the first day of our Governorship of Alaska directing state agencies to cut off all funding to abortion clinics in the state. The order directs the agencies to cease providing both state and federal dollars via grants, contracts, state-administered federal funds, or “any other form,” to all clinics performing the murderous procedure. We will support immediate action by the House of Representatives of Alaska to support HB250 and abolish abortion in Alaska, once and for all while I am in office as Governor of Alaska.

We support HB250 that will abolish abortion. We will work with David Eastman and help to pass HB250 in securing the future protection of every child and the rights of the unborn.

We also support HB251 a sister bill to protect HB250  from all Judges of Alaska superseding the act to override HB250 by acts against it. 

3). No sanctuary Cities in Alaska.

4). 10 Year Contracts with Oil Companies as to renegotiate fair contracts with oil companies. We will in good faith negotiate and develop proper measures to make sure the continued development and production of oil as the first and best option for Alaska. We will focus on production and not just exploration as previous administrations have done

5). Create Jobs in Alaska, such as Timber, Roads, etc. to build our economy's strength. We will give opportunities for grants to develop our timber industry in line with other like industries within the state. We will seek to restore, locally produced materials and put our forest industry back to work in the southeast, Alaska area.

6). Establish a sustainable Budget that will support a balanced fiscal budget. We intend to build a budget that will show the current population base and reign in the excess spending that we now have, which is a burden on our economy. From the top of our state to the bottom we will seek less expensive ways of doing business from extending the life of equipment to eliminating unnecessary positions and bringing the funds back to sustainable or better than practical fiscal plans.

Our budget plan is called the 81-09-10 plan. Starting with 81% of the budget our state expenditures will be used for all state agencies under the umbrella as to run the state efficiently with this percentage value. The 9% of the budget will be set as a competitive fund to build the state's infrastructure and partner with federal dollars which will be divided into three funds and be appropriated by a value of 3% to the House, Senate and Administration. The legislature in the House or Senate or administration can combine the total percentage of 9% as one large project or separate projects as an option to compete for the 3% designated funds appropriated during the third quarter of the fiscal year. The 10% will be a cut to all  department agencies under the States direction of authority and will be directed to each commissioner to make these cuts as efficiently as possible. All 10% cuts will be rolled into the CBR fund as a protected emergency fund that can only be used by a 75% vote of the House and Senate to draw on these funds.

7). Renewable Resources as to Build Hydro Power plants as an alternative power to help resolve high energy prices in Alaska. We plan on capitalizing on infrastructure projects that will have a high return and benefit most Alaskans. All projects developed based on this principle of efficiency and the safe harnessing of power through state grants to the private sector for promoting clean energy.

8). Exploring Energy as we encourage new oil exploration. Oil must continue the focus of our administration as prospecting, exploration has found massive finds within the State and Federal lands. It is imperative that we work closely with the EPA and other agencies to get these programs online and producing.

9). The First inhabitants of Alaska will be an obligation in our administration will be an advocate for Alaska Native rights, their governments, and organizations. We will work with and help to develop programs that promote an effective and efficient working relationship between all communities within the state. We will look to build roads, bridges, and infrastructure that will support and sustain these communities. Additionally, we will find ways to use shared resources and other ideas to lower state costs by contracting within each community to help build a sustainable economy. And finally, our administration will protect the subsistence lifestyle in Alaska for generations to come.

10). Building Refineries in Alaska for lower energy costs. We Intend to add refinery capacity to the state and use extra energy as a cost-saving measure to help lower energy costs in the country as another economic energy development.

11). Our economy growth we as a State will have to tap as many oil wells as possible to build our economy and infrastructure through the private sector by deregulating businesses so they can get a foothold business to hire Alaskans and put people of this state back to work. We will seek to acquire land from the federal government and develop it to the full capacity and promote the easement and access needed to these critical increased capacity requirements.

12). Tax tourism to the National Standard Average. Tourism will continue to be one of the primary focusing points of our administration, and we need to harness the nation standard taxes and fees required to support this growth. We look to add more ports and other destinations to the travel industry as we build this vital economic resource.

13). Regulate overspending on capital projects operating funds. We must have incentives to motivate our government agencies, not waste money and help them extend contracts and other needed projects through private contracts, that can match or exceed the local requirements are necessary to complete projects on-time and under budget.

14). All-State buildings abandoned, shall be auctioned. All-State equipment managed in City boroughs and State be maintained for longer periods of times and not auction off to buy new equipment. More extended equipment depreciation methods and less time to keep up unused structures will help reduce over expenditures on State-funded dollars. Each asset needs to run within its useful life.

15). No State taxation of the citizens of Alaska.

16). Utilize all minerals which will help growth in our economy and capital projects that are prevalent in our state. We need to recognize and protect our environment and at the same time fast-track projects that make sense and develop the natural resources in a way that we can offer opportunities for the communities of our great state.

17). Rejuvenate the timber industry in Southeast Alaska.

18). Remove fluoride from all Alaskan community water reservoirs by law as to vote on a ballot to accept the idea that our water supply is healthy for the people or not with added fluoridation in the water table around Alaska. 

19). Repeal SB91, so that we can reinstate the power back to law enforcement and the State Court System. We need to restore the security to all hard-earned resources and protect the public economies into the future with security and safety for the people of the Last Frontier, Alaska.

20). Revoke the Caucus rule in the House and Senate if one Legislator or Senator disagrees with the budget, then the legislature has the right to vote it down without abandonment from their party by their vote.

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I like what the late Senator Ted Stevens once said, "To hell with politics, do what's right for Alaska!"

Trust Sheldon for Governor, common sense with the people’s common goals.

This website is a work in progress, so come back and check it often and I will update ASAP when updates are needed.

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Friday, January 12, 2018 11:06 PM

1/12/18 Alaska Legislative Session begins 16th of Jan. 2018.

1/12/18 Alaska Legislative Session begins 16th on Jan. 2018. Let's run down the list of bills to start the new session.

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