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Write-in Mike Sheldon for Alaska State Senate on November 03,2020 and remove Bert Stedman.

Conservative Republican, 45 Years.

Write-In Mike Sheldon

General: Nov. 03, 2020


Write-In Mike Sheldon, Alaska State Senate, Southeast, District 35R, 36R, 2020  General Election.

You may be wondering why I am running for State Senate? First, I believe that State Senators should have term limits. Our incumbent has held the State Senate position for 17 years. Don't you think its time for a change? This individual that I am referring to is State Senator Burt Stedman from Sitka, Alaska. Burt is a fellow Republican; he represents our district R in Southeast Alaska, which encompasses many Southeast Island Communities such as Metlakatla, Ketchikan, Craig, Kasaan, Klawock, Thorne Bay, Whale Pass, Hydaburg, Wrangell, Petersburg, Kake, Angoon, Sitka, Hoonah, etc.

Policy IDEAS for the State of Alaska.

We must, as House and Senate, get rid of the Binding Caucus Rule that takes away the voice of the residents of Alaska. I have signed a pledge that will be my witness to uphold my promise.



  • Stand with the USA Constitution to protect our Second Amendment Rights; The Right To Bear Arms. Vote against any Red Flag laws that hinder our freedoms as residents of Alaska!
  • Continue to build a healthy subsistence fishery!
  • Protect the Sports Fisheries of Alaskans!
  • Strengthen the Alaska commercial fishing fleet as in harvesting products and help grow our economy by the protection of our fishery borders!
  • We will maintain and Improve our Alaska Marine Highway System to run efficiently! We need to prepare to build a new mainliner as our fleet ages and must be updated.
  • Sensible Government spending; Public Safety, Education, and sustainable infrastructure - Jobs!
  • Constitutional Spending Limits!
  • Statutory Calculation for a full PFD!
  • Pro-life; We need to support life and not destroy it by the murder of the innocent! Defund Planned Parenthood!
  • Against increasing growth-killing taxes that impede private investments and limit job creation!

  • Support logging in Southeast Alaska to help pay for our schools and roads with the use of stump-age receipts paid out each year to help facilitate state expenditures such as Roads and K-12 Schools!
  • Build Juneau access roads into Southeast Alaska to help lower rates on shipping for food, fuel cost, etc.!
  • Stop industrial oil tax incentives and tax the oil industry at a higher rate to help the State Government in balancing the budget!

My pledge to all Alaskans will be to protect your PFD for generations to come when I become your State Senator of Alaska in 2020.

In Conclusion: I believe we must stop the binding caucus rule that you must vote on the budget by majority rule. Many believe that if the store does not look good for "We The People of Alaska," then a no vote must be applied until corrected. A member of the House and Senate should never be reprimanded for his casted voice on the floor of either body, and I find it unconstitutional to force one's hand by manipulation.  

Be it resolved that my vote on the senate floor and or committee meetings will always be for We the People and by the People of Alaska. I believe legislators push the green "Ya" button way too many times and have caused this state so much hardship by there swayed decision coming from Special Interest Groups.

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Friday, February 14, 2020 9:58 AM

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